PRINT THIS PAGE. You can then fill it in with a pen and send it with your items. Be assured that we do not abuse or share any information that you supply. Depending on your pc text setting, it will take 3-4 pages. You may also copy and paste it into a word processing program, to type in your information. WHEN COMPLETED, EITHER SEAL IN AN ENVELOPE, OR FOLD IN HALF AND STAPLE SHUT.  


Alternate Shipping Address: (only if preferred for returning your items)

List Phone Numbers Below (Or, just let us know if one or two are best to use.)
Day Phone:
Evening Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Message Phone:
E-Mail (It's easiest for us to email you when your items are received. If you prefer, we will gladly call or write.)    
Enter email:    

How do you plan to pay?  Credit Card ____, PayPal______,  Check______

We will let you know the cost when your items are received. Nothing will be charged to your account until you have okayed the cost and work to be done. At that time, you may pay by PayPal, check or we will process a credit card payment with the information you have filled in below. For PayPal customers, we provide a unique PayPal payment link for your items in our email response at the time your knits are received..

Fill this in only if you would like us to process your credit card for you. 

Country if other than US:_____________________________________________

Name as it appears on credit card:_____________________________________
Address,(Only if the address that the credit card statement is sent to, is other than the one filled in at the top of this form.) 

PLEASE CIRCLE OR CHECK the type of card that you are using:
Visa_____, MasterCard_____, Discover_____, American Express____

Card Number:_______________________________________________________

Expiration Date:_____________________________________________________

Card Verification Number:  Please leave this blank. We will ask for the verification number when we email you about your items.

List items to be altered or repaired and any comment about what needs to be done. Place tape or safety pin next to each damaged area. Do not cover a hole with tape. Example: Red cashmere pullover to have sleeves shortened as pinned. (List additional items on back or a second sheet of paper.)                     .
Item #1

Item #2

Item #3

Item #4

Item #5


Item #7

Item #8

The following labels may be cut out and used for sending your package to us.




      230 SE STATE ROUTE 3
      SHELTON WA 98584

US post offices provide free shipping bags and cartons for Priority Service and Priority Flat Rate Service. Many of our customers find these very handy. You can also order them for free from the US Postal website 
It is worth noting that the Flat Rate service can be misleading as sounding 'cost effective'. It really depends on how much your items weigh and where you are sending your package from. We encourage you to ask for help at the post office in determining whether Flat Rate Service will save you money. Packages sent via either Priority Mail are received in 2-3 days from anywhere in the USA. It is best to put the items along with our Handy Form in plastic bags before putting them in the shipping container and not to over-fill the container to the point of bursting. It is better not to use the Ready Post envelopes that are filled with shredded paper. They often tear and do not hold-up as well as other containers.

We also have excellent UPS, and FedEx services and are prepared to return item via these services at your request. If you are in the Northwest, you can use 'Ground Service'. Your package will be received within two days (usually next day). 

About sending International items from outside the US. It is best to refer to your garments as 'used clothing' and generally at a minimum value, on customs declarations. All payments are to be made in US Dollars. We use PayPal for easy conversions to US Dollars on your credit cards.
International items are usually returned via US Mail Global Priority or 1st Class International Package Service, at fairly reasonable rates. These packages cannot be insured beyond a pre-set minimum rate. Items can be returned via Global Express which can be insured at higher values, but at a significantly higher rate. Please contact us with the details if you would like us to estimate the cost of using this service. 

What Happens When Your Items Are Received.
We e-mail or call when your garments are received and tell you the exact cost and when to expect your items back. We use USPS Priority Service with Signature Confirmation for returning items unless otherwise requested. 

How Payment Is Made.
We gladly accept payment by check or credit card. You may fill out the form above to have us process your credit card or use PayPal to pay online. We have found PayPal to be a first class credit card processor. We must receive payment before work is begun on a garment. If you have any other questions feel free to call or email us! We love to talk with our customers!

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All items received through the rest of 2019 will be scheduled into early 2020.

We welcome items through the rest of 2019 from those who do not mind the wait! 

Items in house will be completed as scheduled.

Check out our 
Garment Care Supplies
for garment bags and acid free products to protect your natural fiber knits.

Link to Order Form for Garment Care Supplies

1. Do not send woven items      We do not work on such
    items as men's suit coats,
    jeans or other woven 

2. Send only natural fiber
    knits like wool, merino,
    cashmere, alpaca, silk,
    cotton and other natural
    fibers. We cannot
    reknit items with synthetic 

3. Items should be 
    reasonably clean.
    Certainly if there is any          moth or other bug                  damage the item needs
    to be cleaned before we 
    receive it.

4. Items with more than 10        holes will cost a minimum     of $150.00 + shipping.

5. Place a safety pin or tape     next to each hole to be     repaired.

6. Place knits in plastic bags
    with filled-in Handy Form
    before putting in shipping
    carton or bag.

7. There are some 
    knits that have extremely     small stitches, like     those of a T-shirt which     we may not be able to     reknit. It depends on the     amount of damage. We     are happy to look at     such  items to determine     what can be done.
We are happy to process credit card payments for you. Simply fill-in the information the Handy Form. We will let you know the costs and get your okay before processing the payment.
We love PayPal  and are happy for you to use it in making your payment. With this link you simply fill in the total amount once we contact you with that total.